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10 Funk Guitar Strumming Exercises

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10 funk guitar strumming patterns

So, what makes funk strumming different to other strumming, such as open chord strumming patterns?

The difference is that the technique used makes it a little easier to identify and execute certain time values within the strumming patterns. Unlike open chords, most funk strumming usually depends on the fretting hand accenting the chosen accented notes while using chords not including open strings.

The technique pretty much revolves around a strict alternate strumming pattern - Down stroke followed by an Up stroke repeated. While in the repetitive cycle of this strict alternate strumming certain notes, usually 16th note time values within each chosen chord, are accented while others are muted (String scrapping).

How to practice the below 10 patterns?

Choose a chord without open strings, like a bar chord or similar.

Let’s use A Major Bar Chord – you may choose to use another chord, if better suited for your current level of playing.

I will explain the basic practice method for Pattern 1. Then you can apply the same concepts to the other patterns.

Use a metronome, set it to a slow tempo (70 Bpm is a good starting point)

Use Strict alternate strumming using 16th note counting, example:

Accent the chosen chord while counting the text in red then scrap/mute the notes not in red text while counting the below:

1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a

The below diagram shows circled time value notes as notes that need to be accented, while the X time values are to be muted or scrapped.

Keep practicing these patterns. They are a great way to improve your overall strumming technique.

Enjoy! 🎸🤓


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