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Courses & Lessons

Over 8hrs of Courses and Lessons currently on offer, with new Content being added every month!

Included with each course and lesson: - Step by Step instructional video's | Practicals | Bonus videos | Downloadable Resources | Toolkits and more!

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Online Campus

GuitaRealm's Learning Portal offers 'Guitar Lounge'; An Online Form designed for all members to communicate, participate, feedback, interact and learn with a community of users that share the same interests and passion for music and the guitar.

Interact & Learn with others around you!

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Are all styles covered in GuitaRealm's Program?

GuitaRealm's Learning portal offers a unique learning program designed around Guitar Playing 'Key Concepts' 
- Providing the fundamental building blocks to play any style chosen!

  • GuitaRealm's Learning Program is designed to teach the key concepts of guitar stylistics & composition. Each lesson trains and develops to apply all styles and genres to your guitar playing abilities.

  • In-depth & structured Courses from Basic Beginner to Advanced Levels; Hobby Learning videos; a comprehensive TABs Library, Ear Training Course & get a one-on-one experience with our Live Online Lessons!

Resources & Tools

Downloadable tools and resources are extremely helpful when learning anything new. GuitaRealm's courses and lessons are equipped with extensive, in-depth, tailored material, designed to assist with improving  guitar skills for a particular course or lessons category. 

In-depth & educational resources & tools!

  • Detailed PDF Training Guides  

  • Video Exercises

  • Bonus Videos

  • Music Sheets

  • Backtracks

  • Chords Sheets

  • Scales Sheets

  • Assessments

  • And more..


Get to Know Your Tutor

Hi there, I'm Barry Gilman. I'm a South African guitar teacher and musician.
I have been playing the guitar for over 25 years and  teaching for over 19 years. I decided to create a fun & interactive learning platform, that would further teach and share the knowledge I have gained over this time, in the hope of helping future players accomplish their dreams & grow their passions while still having fun when doing so; in an entertaining portal environment with a supportive community.

GuitaRealm's courses and lessons have been designed and structured based around the Key Learning Concepts of Guitar Playing - Technique, Patterns, Notes &

As an online learning platform, members are able to study from anywhere in the world, at anytime they want, with the convenience of studying at their own pace while interacting with other players from around the world, with various experience levels and playing abilities.

Learning to play the guitar can be a challenge, but with a positive outlook, determination and the right support - You will be successful!

I really hope you enjoy your learning experience with us at GuitaRealm.

GuitaRealm.Com Official Student Members get

all of the above and so much more!

Access to GuitaRealm's Full Courses & Lessons Collection
Over 8hrs of in-depth, step by step instructional video courses & lessons, designed to teach guitar competence and confidence, becoming a better player constantly!
Download Resources & Toolkits
Every course and lesson is accompanied by detailed, resourceful, downloadable materials and tools, that last a lifetime!
Inside Access to GuitaRealm's 'Guitar Lounge'
A fun, interactive, educational form where users come together to learn, share and chat about everything guitar! Don't learn on your own! Be motivated by others to become a better player!
Participate weekly in 'Back Chat' with Barry
Barry get's involved with student feedback and Q&A on a chat platform where members frequently asked questions are answered live.
Tune in with Guitar Noise 
GuitaRealm's news room.  Get all the latest GuitaRealm Portal news and upcoming topics, plus global industry news and what's happening, on one platform!
Homework Assignments
Exercises supplied to help students become better players on their own time. Challenge yourself and keep track of your progress with practical exercises accompanying the lessons.
Guitar Library
For guitar crazy addicts! A full show house of all brands and models of guitars, with full spec sheets and reviews links. Your complete online Guitar library! 
And much more...



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