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Emotional Vibration Through Sound Waves

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Shelley Gilman
August 19, 2021 · joined the group.
Barry Gilman - Guitar Tutor
August 19, 2021 · changed the group description.

Emotion is a frequency, from a quantum physics perspective and so are sound waves.

Is it possible then for the sound waves of music to change one’s emotional frequency or energy?

Well, I for one, have experienced emotion through music. I would assume you have? It is easy to agree when we think about it like that. What would a movie be like, without the appropriate music?

I like to think that what a guitar player feels emotionally, transmits through the fingertips, into the strings and wood of the guitar then tailwinds on the sound waves from the speakers into the listener's emotions, thus changing their emotional frequency. I really don’t have the scientific know-how to prove this, but it’s a great thought, anyway.

Next time you’re playing the guitar, think about this idea and see how it can help inspire your practicing. 🤓🎸

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    Emotion is a frequency, from a quantum physics perspective a...
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