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Intermediate Course - Level 1

Kranking it up slightly and taking your guitar skills to a level up from beginner. A Comprehensive Course that prepares you for high level intermediate lessons.  Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 150min total | 8x lessons | + 24 Associated Exercises

Intermediate Course - Level 2

An extensively informative Intermediate level course designed to increase speed and improve on dexterity.  Grow your Guitar Playing skills! Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 180min total | 15x lessons | + 45 Associated Exercises

Intermediate Course - Level 3

Completing the Intermediate Course and preparing for the intensity of Advanced Level Guitar Playing abilities.  This course is a continuation of Level 2. Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 120min total | 12x lessons | + 33 Associated Exercises

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